Angela Kaeser is a Swiss born powerhouse who truly the embodiment of someone living authentically. She is passionate about being a Woman Of Color and spreading knowledge and awareness. She loves to surf the beaches of California where she resides.




Oberdiessbach, Switzerland

What things do you do for work?

Energy healer/Intuitive Coach & Make-up Artist.

What are you passionate about?

Supporting women, especially Women Of Color on their healing and empowerment journey to get them to live a life that they love.

Enjoying life to the fullest through quality friendships, deep conversations, laughter, nature, travel, beachtime, surfing, curiosity and gratitude for every moment of joy.

Fighting racism and creating/being a safe space for others.

What are your top 3 insecurities?

Expression through speech/speaking.

Owning my femininity/sexyness in my appearance in public.

Sometimes being in group settings as the only Woman Of Color.

What are your top 3 dreams you have for your life?

A healthy, expansive, romantic relationship.

A house on the beach with a pool.

Continued health, joy, purpose and fulfillment.

What 3 things inspire you?


Kind, confident, happy, powerful caring leaders that fully live in their purpose.

Nature, art, creativity.

Do you have any favorite mantras or inspirational quotes you live by?

Feel the fear and do it anyways


Love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy

How does makeup help you express yourself? 

I love how I can use it in very subtle ways to look and feel fresh and awake. And then on other days a colorful lip can upgrade my whole appearance. Mostly it is a fun way to amplify a mood or who I want to be.

What is one thing that you're very proud of yourself for overcoming?

I’m most proud of overcoming 20 years of depression.

Do you have any words of wisdom to your younger self?

Know nothing is wrong with you, you are not your thoughts.