Viveca Chow is featured as one of our IBY Very Inspirational People because she is a free-spirited, talented creator who loves expressing herself in all of her endeavors!




Hong Kong

What things do you do for work?

Actor and Content Creator.

What are you passionate about?

Eating.Performing. Napping.

What are your top 3 insecurities?

My beauty mark. Comparing to other people. The fear of having unhealthy skin.

What are your top 3 dreams you have for your life?

Be a lead in a TV show. Own a Penthouse.

Have so much money to help give back to heal the world.

What 3 things inspire you?



Do you have any favorite mantras or inspirational quotes you live by?

"What you seek in life is also seeking you"

What is one thing that you're very proud of yourself for overcoming?

My ability to let go of the expectation that “when I achieve ______, I’m finally going to be happy.” I realized that I can be happy now, we are our own creators of our universe!

How does makeup help you express yourself?

I love makeup because it's a form of creative expression, I love the way it can transform your presence on a particular day. Lipstick is a must for me!

Words of wisdom to your younger self?

“Chill the f out, nothing’s that deep!”