Yung G

Yung G is a free spirited content create who has a love for makeup, family and dreaming big. He has overcome anxiety and shares his insecurities, life mantras, experience, strength and hope with us.




Modesto, California 

What things do you do for work? 

A good ol’ 9-5 / Sponsorships

What are you passionate about?

The art of Makeup & the creativity that comes with it! I want to spread the word that makeup is LITERALLY for everyone. 

Making people feel good about their insecurities.

My Family… without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, and they always come first.

What are your top 3 insecurities?

My asymmetrical jaw bone. 

My deviated septum. I have a slightly crooked nose.

I battled anxiety a lot as a young teen into early adulthood & although I have overcome most of my triggers, overthinking still lingers.

What are your top 3 dreams you have for your life?

To have my own makeup line that targets skin issues, diversity and inclusivity. 

To have a makeup collaboration. Seeing my name on packaging… LIFE CHANGING.

To own a home. I would want it to be a safe space for not only for myself, but the ones I care most about.

What 3 things inspire you?

All of my fellow Beauty Boys. We are strong. We are Valid. We are Beautiful. 

Each & every one of my Beauties! I started social media for fun & to think I now have close to 12k Beauties that support me is unreal. I love them all.

My Dad and the rest of my Family. They have all been so supportive throughout this journey & they inspire me to make a name for myself.

Do you have any favorite mantras or inspirational quotes you live by?

It’s okay to branch out and try new things; it’s okay to take risks, and whatever that may be, give it your all; not all failures should be considered a bad thing.  

How does makeup help you express yourself?

Makeup has helped me express my inner creativity and express myself like never before. One day I may feel more bold, the next I feel more sultry, and then BOOM, I feel like turning myself into flower creature. I love streetwear fashion and every now and then it’s nice to change my hair, but NOTHING has made me express myself and feel more confident than makeup!

What is one thing that you're very proud of yourself for overcoming?

Overcoming my Mother passing away when I was 12. She had a long battle with Cancer, and one thing that beautiful woman has taught me without being here is to strive for more. Anything can happen to anyone at any given time, so It’s never too late, too soon, or too big to have dreams and expectations. Go for them all! 

Do you have any words of wisdom to your younger self?

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT… pay mind to anyone’s opinions about you. If I would have stopped caring at a younger age, I wonder where I would be in life right now, but I want my Beauties to learn from me. People are going to talk and have their outlooks on how you look, what you do, and every other thing no matter if you stick to what you want or follow in the footsteps of others, so why not just be your true self? DO YOU BOO!